10 Best Natural Hangover Remedies

10 best natural hangover remedies

Hangover.. definetely one of the worst things about being adult and something all of us who are not abstainers have to deal with sometimes. Of course the best is not to drink so much, but sometimes it just happens no matter how much you don’t want to drink alcohol. It is really weird that even in 21. century there is really nothing what science can offer us that would get you out of hangover, but luckily there are some natural remedies that works. You cannot expect miracles, that after 20 minutes your hangover will be gone, but it can definetely help you a lot dealing with hangover.

1. Virgin Mary

It does not matter so much if your hangover caused Bloody Mary or any other alcoholic drink, because Virgin Mary works always same good. The tomato juice in this drink provides your body with fructose, important antioxidants, and some vitamins. It is also good against dehydratation. The hot sauce in Virgin Mary contains lot of capsaicin, which eases pain and nausea, which is good both for your head and your stomach as well.  Here is my favorite recipe for simple Virgin Mary:

4 oz tomato juice

2 – 3 dashes lemon juice

1 pinch celery salt

4 – 6 drops Worcestershire sauce

1 pinchcoarse peppers

2 – 3 drops Tabasco sauce

1 celery stalk

2. Angostura Bitters

Usually called just Angostura. Even I said there are no miracle hangover remedies, some people might say that Angostura is such miracle. Angostura is manufactured in Trinidad and Tobago. It was first produced in the town Angostura in Venezuela. You will recognize bottle of Angostura very easily by its distinctive oversized label. It is is a concentrated bitters made of water, 45.6% alcohol, gentian root, and vegetable flavoring extracts. When you have hangover don’t try it to just drink this. It is better to mix few drop of Angostura in a cup of warm water.

3. Bananas

When you have been drinking you were also urinating a lot and so you lost lot of potassium. Well, there is lot of potassium in bananas. Bananas also has lot of fructose and are good for your stomach as well, so maybe bananas will not make you feeling like you have not been drinking at all, it is definetely the kind of food that you should eat in hangover. Fructose is great, because it competes for the metabolism of alcohol. Banana milk shake with honey is almost perfect combination for hangover, since it helps with many symptoms at once.

4. Ginger

Not many people knows this, but ginger is just great helper when you are fighting hangover. It has some very helpful properties that will help you a lot to get through even the worst hangovers you ever had. Ginger reduces and also eases the pain. What is the best way how to use it ,when you have hangover? Well, best probably is classic ginger tea, sweetened with honey. These two together will help you a lot.

5. Apple Juice

Apple juice, especially fresh will help you raise your blood sugar and will also help to ease some of the hangover symptoms. Usually when you have hangover your stomach is also upset, so it is best to use apple juice, instead of orange juice or other fruit juices, because it is good for your stomach as well.

6. Tiger Balm

Do you know Tiger Balm? Tiger Balm is really very popular topical used traditionally in Asia as a multi-purpose remedy. Tiger Balm is blended from cajuput oil, camphor, menthol,  and clove oil. Tiger Balm is very well known for its analgesic and also blood flow promoting properties. The truth is that Tiger Balm was not created to be used against hangovers, but in fact it is one of the best topical against headaches. If you cannot or just don’t want to use pills for your headaches, then Tiger Balm is great natural way. Use it on your back, neck and temples and after few minutes your headache will be gone or much much less bad.

7. Chicken Soup

All time classic, what more to write about it? It just works and especially when your stomach is upset, it might be one of the few things you can get in your body without problems.

8. Kudzu Extract

Kudzu has some bad reputation and probably it deserves it as it is in some places invasive species which does bad to local special, but it is not only bad, in fact, it can help you with your hangover. Kudzu is a climbing, coiling, and trailing vinenative to southern Japan and south east China. Its name comes from the Japanese name for the plant, kuzu. Where it occurs as an invasive species, it is considered a noxious weed that climbs over trees or shrubs and grows so rapidly, it kills them by shading. The plant is in fact edible, but usually sprayed with herbicides in these locations. Studies have shown that its isoflavones, diadzin and puerarin, can help relieve hangovers quickly! This doesn’t exactly stop you from getting a hangover, it’s more like the hangover starts developing while you’re still drinking, so you drink less and it’s not as bad. Some researchers think that kudzu actually increases the damage that the alcohol does to your body though, so you might want to try the other preventatives first, and only use the kudzu if they don’t work for you.I really don’t know if it is good idea to take Kudzu whil still drinking ar when you already have hangover, you will have to try by yourself probably.

9. Prickly Pear Cactus

Extract of this cactus has been found to help with hangover nausea and dry mouth symptoms according to scientists at Tulane University and the University of California. Prickly pear is well known to reduce inflammation, and hangover symptoms are due to an increase in inflammation in your body. Scientists found that C-reactive protein, a marker for inflammation, was in fact 40% higher in the group that took a placebo. These are pretty shocking results that shows how well prickly pear cactus works. Very important is to use this extract BEFORE you are drinking (at least few hours). If you do, then your hangover will be much less severe.

10. Activated Charcoal

Activated charcoal has many uses, but most if you probably use it for stomach aches. Well, not so many people knows that you can use it as well to prevent hangovers. When you are drinking, eat also charcoal with every drink. Charcoal absorbs the impurities in the alcoholic beverages which are contributing in hangovers. It works really very well, but don’t take it too often, because charcoal also absorbs many for your body important nutrients.

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