5 Best Natural Anxiety Remedies

5 Best Natural Anxiety Remedies
5 Best Natural Anxiety Remedies

To feel some level of anxiety is absolutely normal and there is probably no person in the world who does not know this feeling. Especially nowadays when we live in world that is full of things that are in fact absolutely unimportant, but many of us just lacks the ability to see that, so we are stressed because of them. so some level of anxiety is normal, however if you feel anxious a lot and without any reason, then you have problem and probably you have generalized anxiety disorder. In this case you really should see your doctor. Well, if you want to try natural way, then check out these 5 natural remedies for anxiety.

1. Essential Oils

Essential oils are really popular because they have strong anti-stress and anti-anxiety abilities.

Peppermint Oil – is usually the first choice for your mental clarity and it is just great against anxiety. You can just put it on your temples and it will help you to concentrate and focus on your tasks, leaving your anxiety behind.


Lavender Oil – lavender oil is without any doubt one of the most popular essential oils, because of one reason. Lavender is useful for many ailments. There are of course many uses for essential oils, but lavender can be used as some kind first aid to those who are anxious. I have lavender oil in small vial in purse for many uses, but one is great when I feel anxious – I just inhale it right from vial. I just love the aroma of lavender and it usually calms me down very well.


Bergamot oil – is very well know essential oil because it helps to calm and relax all your senses and stabilizes your emotional imbalance. Scent of this oil is very refreshing, but still very relaxing.


Sandalwood oil – sandalwood used for mediation, so it is no surprise it is great against anxiety. It has sweet, woody and musk like scent. It is very efficient while you need to calm your nervous system and is considered as one of the best essential oils for anxiety problems.


Mandarin oil – is well known for its calming effect on whole central nervous system. The same effects also has orange essential oil. It does not help only with anxiety, but should also help you to get in better mood.


Roman chamomile oil – aroma of roman chamomile oil is really very strong so it is important to use it really wisely. When you use it, only use just one drop at a time. Roman chamomile oil helps to relieve any kind of stress and not just anxiety, but also other kinds and it also helps with chronic tension and insomnia.



2. Kava Root

Kava comes from Pacific Ocean is known to native cultures of this region for its sedating and relaxing abilities without disrupting mental clarity. Lately several clinical studies has proved its efficacy in treating mild to moderate anxiety in human. In fact, kava has performed as well as drugs from benzodiazepine class (including Valium and Xanax), but without the negative effects these drugs have. Kava can be used either in capsules or in tablets. Well, probably fastest way how to fight your anxiety when you need it is to use liquid extract of kava root, because that works really rapidly.


3. Passionflower herb

Passionaflower is really amazing with some great abilities and I’m sure we will hear about this herb a lot in the future. It has very strong antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and even anti-cancer properties. Well, this article is about anxiety remedies, so lets take a look how passionflower can help you with it.

Passionflower has sedative, anxilytic and antispasmodic abilities. There are numerous studies that supports its positive effects. It is used for anxiety, nervous stress, restlessness, neuralgia and tachycardia. It is used also for insomnia and other sleep disorders.

Similar to kava you can buy passionflower extracts in capsules, tablets or in liquid form.


4. Lemon balm

People are using lemon balm for medical issues for thousands of years. For example in eleventh century famous Arabian physician Avicenna wrote that the lemon balm makes the heart merry and joyful and strengthens the vital spirits. In ancient medicines lemon balm was widely used to treat wounds and even poisonous bites. In medieval era lemon balm was used to relieve anxiety, help with sleep and ease indigestion. I think it is great to use lemon balm in form of tea, it always relaxes me.


5. Massage

Massage therapy is simply perfect therapy for anxiety because it eliminates tension and reduces stress. When you are absolutely relaxed and stress free even your anxiety problem will be gone or much less severe. Of course this is more like long term solution and precaution, whne your anxiety attacks suddenly you don’t have usually masseur with you 🙂


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