5 Simple Remedies Guaranteed to Get Rid of Dandruff for Good


A clean and tidy head of hair exudes poise and confidence no matter where you go. It says a lot about how a person treats their hygiene and also instills a suave image. The real challenge now becomes maintaining your hair and keeping it healthy, all the way to the scalp. Otherwise known as seborrhea, dandruff is a surprisingly common scalp disease that affects a high percentage of the population. There are several causes of dandruff, but most often cause is simply dry skin. If this is your problem you will see smaller and less oily flakes of dry skin and you will probably see signs of dry skin on other parts of your body also, usually legs or arms. If this is your case, than your best friend is coconut oil, more about it you will find in this article.

Probably the second most frequent cause of dandruff is marked by irritated, red greasy skin and larger flakes. It is irritated oily skin, also known as seborrheic dermatitis. If this is your case you will probably see symptoms in other areas of your body where oil glands are like around your nose, eyebrows, backs of ears or groin.

There are several other causes that are not so frequent like eczema, psoriasis or yeast-like fungus called malassezia. Malassezia is very common and lives on scalps of most adult, but there is small percentage of people whose scalp is irritated by it and it causes dandruff. There are also other, very simple causes like sensitivity to certain hair care products (especially those with paraphenylenediamine) or simply washing your hair too often or not often enough.

But don’t worry too much because you’re not alone, and there is a solution. Some of your friends might even be suffering from it and not even be aware. But for others, excessive dandruff can cause a great deal of embarrassment, especially in social situations. Imagine going on a hot date all dressed to impress. Your date gets there only to be shocked by the flaky mess of dandruff all over your jacket! My guess is, the night would not end very well for you. Luckily, getting rid of dandruff does not require a miracle. The following are some of the most effective remedies for dandruff guaranteed to solve your problem for good.


  1. Baking Soda

That’s right; this baking ingredient can become your best friend in the fight against dandruff. How can this possibly be a treatment? By rubbing a spoonful of baking soda in damp hair, your scalp irritation will begin to diminish. Baking soda washes off the grease on your hair and skin leaves it clean. It sucks out all that bad stuff. It absorbs the oil naturally produced by the scalp and thereby acts as a dry shampoo. Repeating this a few times a week will ensure that no single flake remains standing on your scalp. The great thing with baking soda is that it is one of the easiest dandruff remedies since it is found right in your kitchen.


  1. Vinegar

Hold on a moment, the vinegar is not for your fries, it goes on your head. Although most people are in the dark about this, vinegar is one of the most efficient dandruff remedies of all time. Rinsing your hair thoroughly with either white or apple cider vinegar works wonders because it goes right to the root of the problem. As you know, dandruff results from the accelerated maturation and death of skin cells. These cells then build up and cause irritation to the person. Vinegar quickly gets rid of all discarded skin that would otherwise flake off and turn into dandruff. However, this method leaves you smelling like vinegar- lathered turkey.


  1. Coconut Oil

Do you find yourself regularly and vigorously scratching your head? If so, you might be the culprit in your particular predicament. Dry and itchy scalp are the major causes of dandruff and are easily accelerated by continuous scratching. Coconut oil nourishes the scalp with moisture and as a result of its antifungal properties, it completely eliminates dandruff caused by dry skin or fungus. This is my favorite brand, its extra virgin, organic and free of all pesticides, hexane or trans fats, exactly what your irritated scalp needs. Check it out:


  1. Lemons

They may be bitter to the taste, but lemons might just be the most natural of all dandruff remedies. Unlike harsh chemicals that often do more harm than good, lemons are free from any pollutants. The acidity present in a batch of freshly squeezed lemon juice is enough to break down all dandruff-causing fungus. Simply mix a small amount of lemon juice with water and massage thoroughly into the scalp. After a few minutes, rinse off with water and repeat every day until all dandruff completely dissipates. As a bonus, the lemons leave you smelling fresh, natural and clean.


  1. Listerine

From the kitchen to the dentist’s office, Listerine is apparently great for your hair and your teeth too! This is especially useful since some dandruff occurs as a result of fungus overpopulation. Listerine works so well because it is an anti fungal liquid. It is recommended that you use colorless Listerine since the green and blue versions may stain your hair. It would be no fun walking around with green hair, but hey, at least you’ll be dandruff free. Here is clear, natural Listerine definetely best option if you want to try this method.

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