Five Simple Steps That Will Help You Lose Weight

five steps to lose weight

Today we have here topic, that is something what so many people asks for. There thousands and maybe even millions sites and books about this topic, so because of such huge amount of information people are getting lost and think that they will never know enough to really lose weight. I’m really tired with this so I have created this short article with just few points that will help anyone lose weight, because simple truth about losing weight is that IT IS SIMPLE. In fact you need only one thing and that is strong will, if you don’t have it, stop reading right now, because this article is not for you and it will not help you in any way. Without strong will you will never have the body you want, you will also never have the job you want, the person you want… the life you want. Will is everything, if you think you have it, then continue reading.

I know that weight lost is something what might seem very complicated and you can write whole book about it, but that is what I hate about it. There is just too much info for one person to fully understand, but in fact you don’t need so much info to lose weight, or more precisely, to form your body. I could write extremely long article about this, but then you would not remember anything, I will give you just few extremely important, easy to remember information, that will not make slim and sexy over night, but if you will remember them and will behave according to them, it will help you every day in your fight to the end of your life. Don’t worry, there will only be really few easy to remember points.

Many people think that if you exercise hard enough, run, walk or ride on bike long distances or workout every day that you will have the body you want. Well, that is just not true. Few days ago I’ve read really very interesting opinion at one fitness web and I’ve instantly realized that it is absolutely true. It is something what you should remember for whole your life and it will help you with your efforts to have body you want:

Beautiful body is created by 70% in the kitchen and by 30% at the gym.

This piece of info seems so simple, but it is in fact so important! It is something you just cannot forget, or ignore, this is absolute basic. If you will not behave according to this, you will never achieve your goal.

1. Eat differently

First thing you need to do is to change the structure of your diet by eating less carbohydrates and more proteins. It means to eat less bread, potatoes, pasta, sugars and sweets and more lean meat, curd. eggs, tuna and everything with lot of proteins. You should also eat lots of vegetables, you can eat a huge amount of vegetables without gaining any fat, because it is almost impossible for human body to create fat from vegetables. In fact, more vegetables you will eat, more fat you will lose, because eating vegetables a lot and many times a day will start your metabolism and will keep it running and burning energy without gaining any fan from these vegetables. They simply have very low energy human body can use.


2. Move

 Maximize your movement every day and enjoy it. If you hate movement and sport, you will never look as you would like to. You really need to love movement, find some sport or activity to burn calories which you like. In long-term, this point is almost as important as the first point, because if you hate something you will never do it as much as you probably need to and because of that, you will never achieve your goals.


3. Use less salt

Salt has the ability to retain water in your body and thanks to all the water in your body you look even more fat than you actually are.

Old saltcellar

4. Stop drinking sweet drinks

 It is now quite well known fact that people in USA are fat not because they eat too much hamburgers, but because they drink Coca-Cola. It is true. Check out this video where you can see how much sugar there is in just one can of Coca-Cola and sugar is the worst thing for your weight and health! If you completely stop to drink all these Coca Cola, Fanta, Sprite, Dr. Pepper, sweet fruit juices and just all sweet drinks you will destroy very simply one huge source that is literally destroying your body and giving you lot of weight every day. I think this is the most easy step, anyone can live without these.

If you drink coffee, then definitely don’t stop with that! Coffee in fact helps to burn fats, but don’t use sugar in coffee, much better is Stevia Sweet. It is plant from South America that is extremely sweet and has only positive effects on your whole body, from your teeth to your weight. This is my favorite Stevia, it is in tabs and one tab equals one table-spoon of sugar, (so it is very easy to use):

 Only you really know if you have don everything you could to achieve your goal. When you are running, working out or doing any other sport to form your body you need to realize that it does not matter how hard are you training at the moment, how many calories are you burning or how silly you look while exercising, because you are still above those millions of people who are sitting at their couch, doing nothing and gaining fat.

The hardest part of any training is in fact the part BEFORE training. In moment you take first step, you pick up dumbbell for the first time, you do first push up or anything else… in that moment you are the winner and the hardest part is already behind you. If you stop lying to yourself and if you will stop trying to find excuses why you cannot do it, then you will be very surprised how fast your body will be changing. Your body will change much faster than you would ever expected, in just few weeks or months you can change extremely.

Ok, that’s it, as I promised, only five simple steps that will help you on your way to better and more sexy body.

Always remember that you are not doing it for other people, you are not doing it for your partner, you are doing it for yourself. It is you who will feel better, who will gain self-confidence and who will be more healthy. All these things will then have further positive impacts to many other areas of your life. I think it is worth it.