Five Best Uses For Citronella Oil

five best uses for citronella oil

Citronella oil is one of many essential oils and has some great benefits. This oil is obtained from the leaves and stems of many different kinds of lemongrass (Cymbopogon). It is group of about 55 species of grasses. these grasses are native to warm places, usually tropical regions of Europe and Oceania. It is plant with slim tall leaves.

Use of citronella oil is really wide. You can find it in perfumes, soaps, incense, cosmetics and many other stuff. Here is short list of best uses for this oil and after reading it I’m sure you will know what it is always good to have bottle at home.

1. Natural Body Cleanser

Citronella oil is really great when you need to clean your body from bad stuff, just great for detoxification of your body. Citronella oil has great diaphoretic (making you sweat) and diuretic properties which promotes toxin removal, weight loss and also can help your body with disposal of waste stuff. It stimulates sweating and this way body expels toxins, but also excess water, salts and fat. the diuretic properties increases the frequency and also the amount of urination and this way it helps your body o clean from toxins and waste substances. Another effect is if you have problems with infections of urinary system the fact that you will urine more and more often means that it will drain out infections.


2. Anti-Fever

Citronella is really great when you have fever, because it provides two benefits when you are ill and have fever. It helps to eliminate the cause of the fever, but also brings down the high temperature.


3. Deodorant

Probably everyone sometimes needs deodorant, especially in summer. We have probably all heard about it that in some deodorants you can find stuff that is really unhealthy and almost dangerous and we all know that using natural products is simply always the best. Nature provided us with “natural deodorant” and that is of course citronella oil. Citronella not only has just amazing, fresh smell, but it also kills bacteria which causes bad smell. If you want to create your own homemade deodorant, there is in fact nothing easier. You just few drops of it in your bath or just mix some citronella oil (just few drops are usually enough) with coconut oil and you have perfect natural deodorant.

4. Anti-Acne

Especially if you have oily skin and problems with acne, then citronella might be just perfect solution for you. Citronella is very well known for its properties that helps to fight bacteria and also those kinds of bacteria that causes acne. Great way how to fight acne with citronella oil is this:mixing witch hazel and citronella at a one drop per ounce of witch hazel ratio and applying to the face. The astringent properties of the mixture will dry, harden and protect your skin. Well, if it is realyl drying skin a lot I dont think its good for you if you really don’t have oily skin. For normal or dry skin type this could probably harm you skin condition also.

5. Repellent

I don’t use repellents much, because I just hate how they smell. If you know what I mean? That very chemical “artificial” smell is something I really hate more than insect bites. Only when mosquito are striking really hard, then I use repellent. Well, this was past, because now I have finally found one repellent that works just great and also smells great and that is something I cannot say about repellents you can buy at local drug store. There are many ways how you can use it. You can use it on your clothes, you can just use it on ribbon and hang it in window, you can use it by adding few drops in candle when wax is hot and there is enough of melted wax, you can use it in essential oil lights.

If you want to use it as classic spray repellent, there is solution for that also. Just mix citronella oil with water, for longer time use distilled water, in a spray bottle and spray it in surrounding areas. You also dont need to be afraid to use it on your skin. For this we use “carrier oil” (these are oils that we mix with essential oils, because essential oils are to strong and might be dangerous to use directly on skin), it could be olive, jojoba or other carrier oil and then you just rub this on your skin and you are protected in natural way.

Very cheap, but still high quality citronella oil is this one: