Three Big Lies And One Big Truth About Cellulite

three big lies and one big truth about cellulite

There are so many lies and myths about cellulite that it is almost unbelievable. What is really sad about this is that all those cosmetic and fitness  companies are happy about this state of things. If ladies knew how to get rid of cellulite, they would never spend hundreds of dollars every year on new potions, crazy fitness machines and devices that never work, but fills their pockets with billions of dollars every year again and again.  I will keep this article short and go straight to the point, so here are three big lies and one big truth about cellulite.

Lie Number 1

Cellulite is something what is caused by your skin. This is simply not truth and it is also the reason why all those products that are focused on skin cannot work. It is very simple. Yes, cellulite really is something what manifests on your skin, but the fact that it looks like skin problem does not mean it really is skin problem. Cause of cellulite is much deeper.

Lie Number 2

Cellulite is caused by fat. Many people thinks that cellulite is caused by fat, but this is really absolutely wrong. Even it looks like overweight people has more problems with cellulite than slim people, it is not that simple. Truth is that cellulite has just worse symptoms on fat body and just looks worse, but those people would have problems with cellulite even if they were slim, it might just not look so terrible. Why this is lie you will find out later.

Lie Number 3

Once you got cellulite you will never get rid of it. This is another thing which is absolutely not true and there are many women who managed to get rid of cellulite completely. Many of them achieved it because of something we will discuss in the most important part of this article and that is the big truth about cellulite.

Big Truth About Cellulite

Cellulite is not caused by your skin, nor your fat, but it is in fact caused by your muscle tissue. I’m sure that it might seem shocking to you, but nowadays we finally have enough scientific data that supports this theory and we have something even more important. There are thousands of woman who already achieved great results with system that is based on the assumption that cellulite is caused by muscle atrophy.

If you want to know more about this system, you can find it here.