Five Best Essential Oils For Pain Relief

Last update: feb 2018

Essential oils can be really much more powerful than you might think and some of them are really great for pain relief and not only pain relief, they can also help with muscle tension, neuropathy, inflammation or migraines and much more. It is surprising that people do not use this amazing natural product more.

Aromatherapy might be something new for you, but in fact it is very old. Science still has no real proof that it is actually efficient, but many people believes that it is, so it is just up to you if you are going to give it a try or not. In this short article I would like to present five best essential oils for pain relief.

Essential oils can be used in many ways when you need to ease pain and they should be efficient to many different kinds of pain. You can for example use these oils in various lotions or creams, you can also use them in bath, mix them with bathing salts, you can use them in massage oils or in classic aromatherapy.

Essential oils can be really great addition to your medicine, but of course they are usually not so efficient to completely substitute them. You should also know that pure essential oils are usually very concentrated and very strong, so they are not usually used in this form and they are usually mixed in some other oil, because pure they might to more bad than good to you, especially your skin and eyes could be severely damaged by some pure essential oils.

Peppermint Oil


If you have problems with headaches and not using peppermint yet, then it is really big mistake. Peppermint is just great for this. Even it is known tha eating peppermint in fact can start your migraine or even make your migraine worse, when you use the peppermint oil the right way, it should actually help you. Just four drops of peppermint oil in one tablespoon of olive or similar oil applied gently on your temples can help a lot. Some people even suggest adding lavender or even rosemary essential oil, it should enhance the effect, but I have never tried it.

If you want to buy Peppermint Oil, I have great experience with this one.

Lavender Oil

Lavender oil is sometimes called “king of essential oils”, because it has many various positive effects. Lavender essential oil is relaxing, pain and stress relieving, also has antimicrobial effects and helps with migraines and muscle tension.

I just love lavender oil, because I have sometimes problems with sleeping and lavender is really great for this. If you have these problems also, then you can use lavender oil in bath before you go to bed and you will fall asleep more easily and should also have much more quality sleep. Why this is good for pain relief? Well, it is quite simple, when you have quality sleep you will feel much less pain. It is suggested to use lavender oil with chamomile oil, together it has strong pain relief effect.

Try this Lavender Oil from my favorite brand.

Chamomile Oil

Chamomile Oil is very well known for its amazing and really strong anti-inflammatory effects. Really, it is something what works very well. It has been used for very long time for neuralgia, migraines, headaches, stress or PMS. It is something what works even much better when used together with lavender oil. these two together are very strong weapon again many kinds of pain.

Try this high quality German Chamomile Oil.

Eucalyptus Oil

Eucalyptus Oil is another one that belongs among my favorite ones and among those which are very famous. I’m sure that everyone knows that beautiful smell eucalyptus has, but it has much much more. It is anti-inflammatory when used topically and also analgesic. Using this is very simple, you use it as cream or as lotion and just massage those areas of your body where you feel the pain coming from. If you feel that is is like whole your body is in pain, then it is good to use eucalyptus oil in bath.  It is also very often recommended for the treatment of strong muscular aches and pains, strains and/or sprains, and nerve pain.

This is probably the best Eucalyptus Oil I have ever tried.

Juniper Oil

Juniper oil is another one of those essential oils I like because it has so many uses and one of them is also pain relief. Why? Because this essential oil has strong antispasmodic and also strong antireumatic effects. Usually is this essential oil used as lotion or cream that will help you with muscle spasm and also with joint pain and muscle pain. Juniper oil also strengthens your nerves, and is also sometimes helpful in patients with neuropathic pain if used regularly. Juniper essential oil also has strong stimulant properties and it should always be used in the morning or during day, and never near bedtime, because you might have problems falling asleep then.

Try this quality and pretty cheap.

If you dont want to buy many different bottles of essential oils, buy whole package. It is cheaper and this one is from company I really trust and have great experience with their natural products. They have also absolutely great customer review rating on amazon.

Want to learn more about essential oils? How to mix them and how to prepare various products beneficial to your health? Check out this amazing book. Lot of information at this site is from this book.

30 thoughts on “Five Best Essential Oils For Pain Relief”

  1. I wish you had gone into more detail on exactly how you use them. Do you use them orally, on the pain site on the feet or in what combinations? I have been experimenting with EO for pain relief as well as other health issues, fist let me tell you how glad that you are not pushing Youngs or DoTerra, and since I don’t like ordering over the internet I purchase mine at a natural food store I use NOW, ArauCaria, and Wyndmere, and when I’ve used them I have had good luck, but I’ve never tried the ones you’ve had listed except for headaches, I’d love to correspond with you more if you’d like, and exchange ideas with you if you are posting this for real reasons and not just for blog or selling reasons. I suffer from fibromyalgia, severe osteo-arthritis, and asthma, I also have a sensitivity to anti-inflammatory medicine, I am tired of prescription meds and doctors attitudes, so I’ve been researching essential oils, I find them easier to use than herbs, but so much info out on Pintrest is about Youngs or DoTerra, that it irritates me especially when they tell you to use one of their special blends without saying what’s in it. So now that you have heard my point of view I hoping to hear from you.

    1. I too suffer from many diagnosed pains and ailments. I have turned to other means besides prescription meds. I would love to communicate with someone who would like to share info, other than doterra or young living oils. I want to be able to mix my own and not sign up or feel pressured to buy from multi level marketing companies. I prefer to use oils that I can purchase online and/or at health food stores. I have purchased a quantity lot from a company to get me started but they do not have all the oils I am finding that I need in my inventory.

      1. Hello Val sorry it took me so long to get back to you I just notification of a reply, I had blogs where they never answer comments, but I’d glad to communicate with you, my email address is, or you can message me on Facebook, Delores Powell, I’d write more but right now it’s way past my bedtime and I’m not thinking well, but please get back to me, I’d also love to share some other things that have been helping me deal with my pain issues, as for some issues EO were not enough, and I’m not trying to sell anything here either just one person, who needs feedback to another, I’m not out to make money, just shareinfo that has helped me.

      2. I have gotten several DIY recipes and extremely useful info on the following web tools. Pinterest, Google,, Basically If I want to know something, I go to the internet, ask the question, and then start my research. I have a notebook,where I keep notes and I make sure that I never use any Essential Oil that I haven’t researched enough. You can’t trust everything you read on the internet.. LOL But there is also Books, via Google on Essential oils. Another idea, I’m not sure if your’e health store sells body cream starters or not. But just about any of the Ideas in this article can be mixed with Coconut Oil or Shea butter for a lotion, however you would have to ask her or search for the recipe, is it 1/2 cup of Coconut Oil to 10 droplets of ea essential oil? I don’t know…. And you can buy that at the grocery store or health food store. You will want to melt it down on the stove ( I use a double boiler) and then take it off the stove WHEN IT IS COOLED ENOUGH, you add the oil. YOU DON’T WANT TO ADD THE ESSENTIAL TO YOUR COCONUT OIL OR OTHER (CARRIER OIL) WHEN IT IS HOT. YOU WILL TAKE THE MEDICINAL PROPERTIES OUT OF THE OILS. As far as the peppermint one for headaches, take a TBS of olive oil from your kitchen cabinet and add the 4 drops of peppermint essential oil, gently massage onto temples… done, I’ll be trying that one! :0) I HOPE THIS WAS HELPFUL.

        1. You have too much carrier oil in your blend recipe. I use a 10 mil glass roller bottle (Amazon had great selection ). You add your essential oil drops and then fill the rest of the bottle with your carrier oil. I like fractionated coconut oil, personally.

      3. Lori, I found a local, very good, essential oil store in Columbus OH, which is near me, Earth Elements. Their price on frankincense oil is market price. Not a set $90 for a small bottle. Also, there is no such thing as “therapeutic grade” other than big companies giving themselves that name. Check the FDAs regulations on essential oil and you will see there is on therapeutic grade. Earth Elements know their business and never say a word about other big companies and have worked for me. Good luck

      4. I have done extensive research into the majority of the “Essential Oil” companies and overall, Young Living has proved to be the best and their reputation is very high among doctors. That being said, with Young Living once you sign up you only have to spend $ 50.00 a year to remain active for life and still get the wholesale price on your oils.

      5. Check out
        It has tons of info.
        Tons of different oils and varieties of oils.
        You can buy a sample for $2 ,and also they offer larger sizes up to 60ml!
        Prices are over all less expensive!
        Best of all you don’t have to join the
        “Club”/pyramid scam!
        Shipping is alway like $6.
        Oh! They have great diffusers best for large areas. U only use straight oil no water.

      6. Be careful of the quality of oils you are getting at the health food stores. You don’t have to “sign up” to get doterra oils. You can buy straight from a consultants website, signing up gets it to you at a 25% discount. You should never be pressured to buy anything.

        1. the thing with Do terra is the price. some of the others is that most people can not afford the prices Edens Garden has lower prices on most of their oils and I do not think the others have a better quality to justify the cost and other companies sale a 4 oz bottle for what they want for 10 Ml but maybe it is not the same oil I seen SUN oils sale a 8 oz bottle of 100 % pure sandalwood oil for $36.00 you know something is wrong i have seen this oil and do not know what it was but i do know it was not sandalwood oil it was sold as pure therapeutic grade 100 % pure this is a shame that people can get away with this and the government allows it The truth is a thing of the past in America today as is Honesty and honor, common sense and so much more what happened ?

    2. Hi Laurie
      I suffer from exactly the same issues as you do plus a few more.
      I have the same questions about specifics.
      Hopefully an answer will appear.
      I wish you all the best!

    3. I’m a certified clinical aromatherapist and I work with a very dpecial group hemophiliacs that deal with pain on a daily basis. Maybe I can help. Please feel free to contact me. I’m not with and MLM companies like doterra or young living. I have two oil lines and it’s not about buying my lines it’s about taking care of people. I even cam give you a good list of oil lines and you chose what best for you. I can help determine a blend that you can make and I will teach you at no cost. Like I said it is about you not selling products. I have written also a book on pain management for the hemophilia community.Contact me at or and i even have etsy shops also. I run a practice in the state of oregon.. I’m happy to lend my services. BEST, Rivka

      1. ?Riva,
        How can I be in touch with you for guidance with esxeñtial oils?
        ? New to EOs
        ?Need info on how many drops of multiple EO oils in mixture of chosen oils with carrier oil is needed for maximum effect from pain, s iatca inflammation lower baxk.
        Don’t know if each oil requires different amount to create one mixture. It sounds so techniçal but once I decide on specific EO oils to use I really need a clear formula that a lay person can follow.
        Thank you…
        Gail Mollin

        1. There’s a buncha books out there that have exactly what ur looking for as I was the same way. I’ve been using eo’s for just over a year & while I have gained a lot of knowledge, I still buy books to keep up on the latest uses & of course, to refer back to also.

    4. I feel the same way which is why I don’t use synergy oils. I just happened to get a couple from my cousin that she wasn’t using & reading the ingredients, found that it was dangerous to use around my dog!
      Love ur info, it’s what keeps me going with E.O.’s. I have nearly eliminated all of the regular medicines that we use. Making massage oils, butters & our diffusers.

  2. I wish I would have seen this before I placed my order yesterday. Can you mix all these together in coconut oil as a pain cream? I am trying to get a friend to sign up under me and I want to make sure I have enough info since she has peripheral neuropathy. Thanks.

  3. Hello ladies I just wanted to thank u for saying exactly what I felt. Would just like to research share and make my own eo recipes for my osteoarthritis flare ups (currently having one now!) my email is Am right now bathing in Epsom salt, geranium, cypress, frankincense and peppermint which is my current fave feel better bath. Would love to hear from anyone who has recipes that have worked and are diy! Xx

  4. I also suffer wit fibro, IBS ,arthritis, and nueropathy. I appreciate not pushing young living and do terrace as well I go to my local organic market and buy them I have been using topical on my feet for allergies but would like to do more for pain and have it in some kind of homage lotion or salve. I am also allergic to coconut oil, ginger and bees * (bees wax) . So I have been looking for something I can make. If you have ideas please share with me.. I just lost my job too so no more insurance I have to do it naturally

    1. I’m VERY new to essential oils but I do know for sure that you can use a good grade of olive oil as your base since you are allergic to coconut. Hope this helps.

  5. Lavender Oil is actually very good. I am always stressed and depressed but when I use Oil containing Lavender, I feel very relaxable and comfortable. I read your title and I think I should try using another oils, they are also wonderful. Thanks

  6. I too am wanting to start using oils but have ordered them from Piping Rock and would like to know of any tried and true mixes that work for joint pain. I would like to mix my own and use topically. Any thought or ideas are appreciated. You can email me at

  7. I am trying to really get into the oils , but everyone I know does the youn living or something else that is marketed .. I can not afford YL so I researched and bought a brand off the internet , but everyone says it is probably not safe to use topically , I have done the paper test on all the oils I’ve bought and they show 100% , how do I know that they are safe to use topically !! Rubyrue is the company I went with , they are very affordable ! Please help 🙂 thank you

  8. i SUFFER from neuropathy terribly. I take extremely strong pain pills and go to pain mgmt monthly. The neuropathy is in my hands, feet and legs. It hurts to have anything touch these parts, even a sheet or touch the steering wheel. I take aloe Vera pills, and B12 I do notice a huge difference if I don’t take the B12. Any suggestions?

  9. I would love to have any recipes you have for neuropathy! We do balsam fir, frankincense, and copaiba for pain on other parts of the body – works great on my knees. Haven’t found a good one for neuropathy yet. You can email me at

  10. Hi, my mom suffers from fibromyalgia like some others and she has her good days and bad days but I’m just now finally getting her to eat better. I try to eat organic and of course I’m not a regular routine just cause well I love food and yet can keep a pound on anyway back to her. If anyone has any input please feel free to share, even if you are against organic or eating healthier. Please let me know what you think?

  11. Hi. My name is Carrie. I have been researching essential oils and making my own salves for bout 6-7 months now, and you can bet I’ve searched for the cheapest but also reliable oils. I’m going to tell you the best place I have found for essential oils is Piping Rock and Now. I am like everybody else I live on a budget and can’t afford Young Living or Doterra. I make headache salve for myself and daughter for migraines and muscle salve for myself and mother in law who’s a RN and she prefers essential oils over Doctor prescribed pills.

  12. Read with interest and at first, a bit of concern. I admin a migraine facebook group, and the topic of EO’s comes up frequently, and usually becomes quite heated. I have done extensive research on EO’s to find out the safest use for them, and what to avoid, and have come up with quite a few links that I have ready to share with my group, especially since Young Living and doTerra are pushed heavily, at times. We don’t let anyone sell in our group, but we do let them link to products that help them, as long as they get no financial benefit. I have found EO’s from a small company that I very much like, I will not buy from the large MLM’s.

    I suffer from migraines, Fibromyalgia, Complex Regional Pain Syndrome, and a myriad of other health issues, and use Peppermint, Lavender and Vanilla EO’s, mixed with Almond carrier oil. I want to try some others, but haven’t done so yet. I can tell you that the Peppermint does help with the migraine, if I catch it early enough.

    I know there is a lot of debate on ingesting of EO’s, and I am on the side of it’s not safe to. I don’t want to get into a debate here, other than to say, just follow the advice of a certified aromatherapist or medical practitioner if you are going to ingest EO’s. MLM sales reps are not trained to know your body and how a product will interact with your body, so please be safe, rather than sorry.

    1. Cat Travis… I suffer from same things as you with the headaches on a daily basis. Also have pinched nerves at C5 and C6 which makes my neck and shoulders hurt terribly. Nothing from neurologist has helped. Please share what you are using and how to blend and so forth. I would be so thankful for any help from anyone. Living like this is not LIVING!!

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