How To Remove Age Spots – 6 Best Home And Medical Remedies for Age Spots

6 best remedies for age spots

People hate age spots and that is the reason why I searched through the web, read many articles and even more discussions and found the best remedies for age spots. It take years to develop age spots and they are not likely to go away fast, in just few days, but if you are consistent in your effort they often can be treated naturally.

What really are age spots (also called lentigines, liver spots or sun spots) ? Well, most important is to know that they are not dangerous, however it does not mean that anyone would like them.

Usually age spots are flat and has brown or yellow color and most likely you will find them at parts of your skin which are most exposed to the sunlight. The truth is that almost in age you can get spots, but mostly they starts to appear after 45th year of age.

What is really important is to know what is age spot and what is not and if you have even the smallest doubt that there is something wrong with your skin and that the the object on your skin is not age spot, it is always best to see doctor, because of danger of skin cancer.

What Causes Age Spots?

Well, because of one of the name of age spots is sun spots, you probably already know the answer. It is the sun. sun is doing lot of good things for our overall health and for our skin, but it also damages skin deeply. Age spots are result of many years of sun exposure and that is just one of the reasons why skin of people who likes to tan a lot looks older than skin of  people of who does not do that much. It is of course also the reason why these spots shows up at parts of skin exposed to the sunlight the most.

Sun is usually the main cause of age spots, but it is not the only cause. Age spots can show up also in cases that your liver does not work as it should or when you have some serious nutritional deficiencies.

The first reason why age spots shows more at older age we already mentioned, it is long term exposure to sun. doctors likes to say that skin remembers everything and sadly it is true.  Long term UV exposure which happens when skin is exposed directly to sunlight without any sunscreen causes great damage to the dermal-epidermal junction, through which are antixodants transported to epidermis.Those ugly gae spots  forms in areas that have been damaged the most from excess  exposure to sunlight . Because of this  they no longer receive enough antioxidants from the dermis, so free-radical damages the melanocytes, which triggers irregular melanin production and your age spot is here.

The second reason is the liver, which over the years as we age can become somehow overwhelmed with all the toxins that comes into our body from what we drink, eat, breathe or even wear and free radicals can damage lot of parts of your body, including your skin.

Diet is very important and it also plays major role in preventing age spots. Healthy diet with lot of antioxidants is great to prevent age spots. Especially vitamin C, vitamin E and also Zinc helps in treating age spots.

The best prevention to age spots is also using quality strong sunscreen (17 or higher) and non smoking.

The Best Remedies Cures and Treatment For Age Spots

Here are some of the most popular remedies for age spots. If one does not work for you, there is nothing easier than trying another and I’m sure you will find the best solution for you and after few months your skin will look again beautiful.

1. Lemon Juice

Lemon juice is very popular remedy for age spots, it is on first place on many lists I have found on the web and huge amount of people on the web suggests it so I guess it is the best thing to start with. Here are some ways how you can use it:

a) Very simple just apply lemon juice on affected areas and remove after 30 minutes.

b) Create a paste of lemon juice and honey, apply it on places with age spots. Remove it after 30 minutes. Some people says that lemon juice is making their skin dry, so the added honey should prevent that by moisturizing skin in the same time.

Some people suggests doing this once or twice a day until you see the results,usually it should take about two months.

2. Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple Cider Vinegar is very popular part of many recipes and home remedies for various health issues and of such issues it is used with great success are also age spots.

a) Most people recommends to use it together with onions. Mix onion juice with apple cider vinegar 50/50. Then dip cotton pad into it and apply directly onto age spots. Recommended time before removal is 30 minutes. you shouled see results in 6 weeks if applied every day. You might no see them completely disappear after six weeks, but they should begin to fade, in this case just continue with the treatment.

b) You can also drink the Apple Cider Vinegar, but this is definetely not for anyone, because many people cant stand the taste. Mix three tablespoons of Apple Cider Vinegar with mug of water and drink it, better you can achieve by adding one tablespoon of honey.

This is best quality Apple Cider Vinegar you can find:

3. Castor Oil

Castor oil is well known vegetable oil created from seeds of the Castor plant (Ricinus communis) – castor beans. It is source of Ricinoleic acid (95% of it) Usually it has pale yellow color with almost no smell or taste. It is used in lubricants, soaps, dyes, inks but also in brake fluids and many other things like many pharmaceuticals and perfumes.

Some people say that castor oil helps to get rid of age spots. Just rub the oil on the area where you have age spots every morning and evening, after 4-6 weeks you should see improvement.

This one is very popular:

4. Aloe Vera Juice

Aloe Vera is without a doubt one of the most popular natural treatments to many different skin conditions (and not only skin) and it is also used by some people as treatment for age spots. simply apply Aloe Vera juice or gel at affected areas twice daily. Some people says after month, others after two months you should see improvement.
This is probably the best Aloe Vera Gel on the market:

 5. Cryotherapy

This is not some “live supergreen” or “home remedies only” blog, I like to include those options, but I like to include everything what works and is safe . One of these options which is very popular today for age spots is cryotherapy. Yes basicaly they will free your age spots. What you can expect after that you can read at this blog.

6. Laser

To get rid of age spots laser is really safe and elegant way how to do it. however you can expect it to be more expensive than cryotherapy. They set special wavelenght in the laser so it will affect only certain issues. Brown color which age spots usually is usually treatment with wavelenght of light 532 nanometers. When light of this wavelenght meets the age spot, it turns into heat and this heat destroys selectively just the targeted tissue and does not damages anything else. It is not that damagid to other tissue as freezing, which kiils everything in its way.





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