Meditation for pain relief

Meditation is gaining popularity these days and people start to use meditation for purposes they did non before. One of those is definetely pain relief. Even meditation for pain relief is usually considered as alternative medicine technique, but that is changing now.

U.S. Agency for Healthcare Research Quality performed review of 34 randomized trials and found evidence that mindfulness meditation programs are beneficial for reducing pain severity.

According to specialists, meditation really is capable of biochemical changes in the same way as drugs. Sometimes is mediation the only solution for people that either cannot use medication or pain killers are just not working on them. Even 20 minutes a day can make huge difference and now we finally have some evidence that mediation is not crazy alternative medicine, but really working method. In times where everything in healthcare costs thousands dollars it is also very important, that meditation is free.

If you would like to try meditation, there is one amazing book I can recommend to you, even if you don’t have problems with pain, it can also help you a lot, especially as great stress reduction.

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