Five Best Essential Oils For Pain Relief

Last update: feb 2018

Essential oils can be really much more powerful than you might think and some of them are really great for pain relief and not only pain relief, they can also help with muscle tension, neuropathy, inflammation or migraines and much more. It is surprising that people do not use this amazing natural product more.

Aromatherapy might be something new for you, but in fact it is very old. Science still has no real proof that it is actually efficient, but many people believes that it is, so it is just up to you if you are going to give it a try or not. In this short article I would like to present five best essential oils for pain relief.

Essential oils can be used in many ways when you need to ease pain and they should be efficient to many different kinds of pain. You can for example use these oils in various lotions or creams, you can also use them in bath, mix them with bathing salts, you can use them in massage oils or in classic aromatherapy.

Essential oils can be really great addition to your medicine, but of course they are usually not so efficient to completely substitute them. You should also know that pure essential oils are usually very concentrated and very strong, so they are not usually used in this form and they are usually mixed in some other oil, because pure they might to more bad than good to you, especially your skin and eyes could be severely damaged by some pure essential oils.

Peppermint Oil


If you have problems with headaches and not using peppermint yet, then it is really big mistake. Peppermint is just great for this. Even it is known tha eating peppermint in fact can start your migraine or even make your migraine worse, when you use the peppermint oil the right way, it should actually help you. Just four drops of peppermint oil in one tablespoon of olive or similar oil applied gently on your temples can help a lot. Some people even suggest adding lavender or even rosemary essential oil, it should enhance the effect, but I have never tried it.

If you want to buy Peppermint Oil, I have great experience with this one.

Lavender Oil

Lavender oil is sometimes called “king of essential oils”, because it has many various positive effects. Lavender essential oil is relaxing, pain and stress relieving, also has antimicrobial effects and helps with migraines and muscle tension.

I just love lavender oil, because I have sometimes problems with sleeping and lavender is really great for this. If you have these problems also, then you can use lavender oil in bath before you go to bed and you will fall asleep more easily and should also have much more quality sleep. Why this is good for pain relief? Well, it is quite simple, when you have quality sleep you will feel much less pain. It is suggested to use lavender oil with chamomile oil, together it has strong pain relief effect.

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Chamomile Oil

Chamomile Oil is very well known for its amazing and really strong anti-inflammatory effects. Really, it is something what works very well. It has been used for very long time for neuralgia, migraines, headaches, stress or PMS. It is something what works even much better when used together with lavender oil. these two together are very strong weapon again many kinds of pain.

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Eucalyptus Oil

Eucalyptus Oil is another one that belongs among my favorite ones and among those which are very famous. I’m sure that everyone knows that beautiful smell eucalyptus has, but it has much much more. It is anti-inflammatory when used topically and also analgesic. Using this is very simple, you use it as cream or as lotion and just massage those areas of your body where you feel the pain coming from. If you feel that is is like whole your body is in pain, then it is good to use eucalyptus oil in bath.  It is also very often recommended for the treatment of strong muscular aches and pains, strains and/or sprains, and nerve pain.

This is probably the best Eucalyptus Oil I have ever tried.

Juniper Oil

Juniper oil is another one of those essential oils I like because it has so many uses and one of them is also pain relief. Why? Because this essential oil has strong antispasmodic and also strong antireumatic effects. Usually is this essential oil used as lotion or cream that will help you with muscle spasm and also with joint pain and muscle pain. Juniper oil also strengthens your nerves, and is also sometimes helpful in patients with neuropathic pain if used regularly. Juniper essential oil also has strong stimulant properties and it should always be used in the morning or during day, and never near bedtime, because you might have problems falling asleep then.

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Want to learn more about essential oils? How to mix them and how to prepare various products beneficial to your health? Check out this amazing book. Lot of information at this site is from this book.

Your Weight and Your Thyroid, What You Need To Know

Your thyroid dictates much of your metabolism, any malfunction or disease afflicting this area may cause you to have problems in metabolism leading to a drastic problem with your weight – you may either gain weight, lose weight, or may find that losing weight is harder than usual.

Those that plan diets do not take into consideration how their thyroids and metabolism may affect their weight loss program. Most experts and even the media pitch in and recommend that the best way to lose weight is cut calories.

Those with a condition called hyperthyroidism suffer from an overactive thyroid leading to one having his or her metabolism skyrocket. If this is the case, then you will probably lose weight fast. This is a nice proposition for some who wish to lose weight. However, this is actually hazardous to the health.

Aside from the medical difficulties such a disease brings, one will also notice weight problems as a result. These people have trouble keeping on weight and may notice weakness and bulging of the eyes. This disease may need special treatment from doctors.

Hypothyroidism on the other hand works in the other direction – slowing metabolism until the body gains weight at an incredible rate. Like hyperthyroidism, hypothyroidism causes a general weakness in the body. It too may need special treatment and may cause serious health problems if left unattended.

While cutting calories in itself can be very hard for most people – imagine, the people involved in life and death struggles at the supermarket regarding whether to buy that extra box of sweets, some have exactly the opposite problem.

Instead of eating too much calories – which is a problem in itself, they eat too little calories instead.

Problem? What Problem
The problem with some is that they believe that since the experts say that they have to cut calories, cutting calories to an inordinate amount will reap greater results. Unfortunately, it doesn’t work that way. While cutting calories helps diets, consuming too little calories pushed the body into a hoard mode, the body’s metabolism slow to adapt to the lesser amount of available energy.

If your body enters this mode, your body will work at such slow metabolism that losing weight becomes impossible. The technique here should be to reduce calories without the body slowing its metabolism. Only then can losing weight become easier.

Another problem that can arise from decreased metabolism is that when your metabolism slows due to a drastic reduction in metabolism, and then you suddenly eat a good, hearty, calorie-filled meal, you are bound to gain more weight owing to the increased surplus of energy.

This is why an imbalanced meal is highly discouraged among those that seek to lose weight. The sudden loss and increase of calories will cause an imbalance in one’s energy consumption directly affecting fat deposit.

Here is a simple computation to help you get to the right amount of calories you will need per day so that you get your nutrients in the right balance.

First of all, multiply your weight in kilograms by 30. If you only know your weight in pounds, divide it by 2.2 to get to its English equivalent. We divide this number by 30 because that is the number of calories you need to maintain your weight per pound of weight.

For example if your weight in pounds is 150, divide it by 2.2. That will give you a figure of 68.18. This is your weight in kilograms. Multiply this by 30 and you will arrive at the amount of calories you will need per day to maintain 150 lbs.

You may consult a nutritionist to help you come lose weight. In the end it all comes down to math. If you consume more that your body needs, it stores it as fat. Now is probably a good time to start studying the back of those grocery cartons.

Try to keep your diet at a 40% protein, 25% fat, and 35% carbohydrate meals at 300 calories per meal. Spread out these meals in a day for optimum results.

While it may be simple computation to get at numbers, do not forget the earlier mentioned fact that the body adapts to its condition. Expose it to extreme ones and you may find yourself getting results you never wanted. Consult a nutritionist for more advice.

4 Amazing Homemade Remedies For Flu and Cold

No one of us likes it, but sadly it is true. It is that time of year when you have to be prepared for Flu and Cold. Sometimes it seems that they are just everywhere and for that we need to be prepared. I just love everything natural and especially things that you can prepare at home, so you know exactly what you give to your body and that it will not make more harm than good.

1. Stop Congestion With This Homemade Rub

I really hate the headache, I hate coughing, but what I really hate the the most is congestion. That is something really just terrible. Check out this amazing decongestant rub recipe. I have personally tried this and really can recommend it to anyone, it simply awesome and in my opinion it is working even better than commercial products.

2.Cold Care Herbal Capsules

I’m pretty sure that you did not know that you can make such things at home. I was pretty surprised when I’ve seen this recipe for the first time, but it looks like it is really something great. These cold care capsules are full healing herbs like echinacea, rose hips, cayenne or thyme. This is true nature cold killer! Full recipe is here.

3. Spicy Honey Cider Syrup

I remember some of the syrups from the times when I was kid and it was really nothing I would like to try again. Well, this is something better, not only it is really cheap and natural, but it has good taste and when cold and flu strikes you will be happy you have this. Full recipe of this syrup is here.

4. Cough and Sore Throat Syrup

Sore throat and coughing are definetely symptoms of cold and flu no one likes. Not only that coughing is uncomfortable, but it also helps to spread infection to other like your family members, which is also something you dont want, especially when you have kids. What I hate even more is sore throat. This great syrup can help you with both of these symptoms. It is really great recipe using many herbs, roots, seeds and other stuff which is really helpful. Check out the whole recipe here.